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We use only certified green printers worldwide.
The word "Green Printer" signifies the use of environmentally responsible printing practices and industry processes to limit or reduce the environmental impact of printing.
Why because we care, you care, and more importantly your clients care.
green printer
Working with only certified green printers gives us, you, and your clients peace of mind.
It allows them to say "Yes" we care about the environment and the future we leave for our children
 and for the future generations to come.

Green Printer options - we offer environmentally friendly options including:
  • Recycled paper with post-consumer content
  • De-inked paper
  • Acid Free paper
  • Uncoated paper for ease of recycling
  • Hydrogen-bleached chlorine free paper
  • Advice on how to have green printer projects

Why is using Green Printers important to all of us:

   (None green paper mills) and (None green printing) companies threaten our air, water, natural resources,
 wasted energy, reduce long term forest growth, and create large amounts of sludge,
green house gases (3rd in the world) and chemical wastes
 that end up in our lakes, water system, natural habitats,
 oceans, and other areas of concern.

   By using Value Source Green, we work with the green paper mills, green printers,
 and green printing industry advocates. To reduce and protect against these pollutants, and wastes
 While still creating high quality products that you can be proud to purchase.

Value Source Green
represents only certified green printers worldwide.

To learn more about why it is important to use green printers.
Please follow the links below.

Green Printer Information websites: A Nonprofit's Guide to Green Printing
Forest Stewardship Council - Leading world recognized certificatory for green paper mills / printers
RFU - how to be a clean paper mill

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