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Our Green Printers:

Fulfillment, simply described, is a service that gets marketing materials into your customer’s hands. our broad spectrum of services includes: shipping literature to sales offices, inserting items into folders or kits, stocking your retail locations with point of purchase displays, and sending personalized letters and brochures to new leads. The items that we fulfill range from printed and promotional materials stored in your inventory to virtual items stored in electronic libraries that are printed on demand.

At our Fulfillment, we can take your orders through the web, via your call center, fax, or receive uploads from your CRM system. Our integrated system manages the entire lifecycle of marketing materials – printing, inventory, fulfillment, distribution, and warehousing,


Fulfillment Services:

 Customer Service
  Team workgroups
  Proactive approach
 Order Management
  Bulk distributions
  Distribution of point-of-purchase displays
 Materials Management, &
 Warehousing and Shipping
  Inventory management
  Inventory analysis and cost control
  Shipping cost control and rate shopping





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