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FTP Instructions:

FTP Site
user name: valuesource1 
password: printgreen



Supplied PDF

  • Separated PDF
  • Composite PDF
  • PDF with images and fonts embedded

Additional Information

  • PDF is a final page format.   This means in principle that the pages should be complete. Although PDF files can still be edited using Acrobat and various plug-ins if necessary, no further adjustments should be required when a PDF file is sent in.
  • File must be correct page size.
  • Use PostScript Type 1 fonts if possible - avoid ANY True Type fonts.
  • Do not use electronic font modification, i.e. - bold, italic, shadowed, contoured, etc.
  • Scan images in correct resolution (take scaling into account).
  • Crop all images in an image editor.
  • Do not use hairlines.
  • Do not build frames using four lines - draw them using the frame tool.
  • Tint areas:   minimum - 5%, maximum - 95%.
  • Delete blank pages and any unnecessary elements.
  • If bleeds are necessary, define the page bleeds.


  • Level One and Two

Additional Information

  • Files must be true DCS pre-separated. OPI Comments attached are allowed.

Single Page EPS

  • Composite EPS with images embedded
  • Composite EPS containing OPI comments


  • TIFF (Provide HiRes files only)
  • EPS (Provide HiRes files only)

(Do not use embedded graphics, PICT, BMP, GIF or JPEG compressed images)


  • CD-ROM
  • 3.5 Floppy
  • Iomega Zip Disk (100 or 250 mb), Iomega Jaz Disk (1 or 2 gb)


  • File Rotation is not required.  Prinergy Software will determine rotation and maintain file integrity.


ACCEPTABLE FILE/DISK PREP CHECKLIST (Link to this information on a separate page)

  • Include all files on disk that were used to create the Quark or PageMaker files.
  • Include all image files embedded in Illustrator or Freehand files.
  • Include original and EPS files for Freehand files.
  • All Adobe Photoshop files must be saved in EPS or TIFF, binary, single-file format.

-Do not send JPEG files.

  • HiRes images must be saved in CMYK, bitmap or grayscale format, not RGB or indexed color.
  • All PostScript screen and printer fonts must be included on the disk.

-Include all fonts for Illustrator and Freehand.

  • Process colors and PMS colors must be specified in application color palettes.

-Delete any unused/unwanted colors.

  • Do not use "hairline" rules, use .25 pt instead.
  • Do not trap application files.
  • Bleed any necessary pages with customary 1/8" bleeds.
  • Quark and Pagemaker document sizes must equal final trim size (no document within document allowed).
  • Enclose a 100% b&w laser hard copy of each document, both sides when appropriate.
  • Enclose a copy of the Disk Directory. 

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